Company Estonia

"Your business is our business"

 We  also offer account service for 20€/month

 1 700€ total price all included.

  Complete new company with already paid in share capital

Bank account with Internet

Ordering of Mastercard (ready in three days). The cash limit is 3 200 EURO (per card) from ATM EVERY DAY!

We pick up and send you the MasterCard to your home country for free

Interpretation in English or your mother tongue (everything from Norwegian to Arabic)

State and Notary fee

Official company address in Tallinn

  Estonian ID-card

Pickup service at the Tallinn airport or sea port.

Before we can make a notary appointment we need the following information:

Who will own the company (it is enough with one person). Complete name, address and passport number

Who will sit in the management board (also here is it sufficent with only one person. And could be the same person that owns the company). Complete name, address and passport number

What name do you want the company to have (we can also mail you a list of companies names we have in stock) 

When could you be in Tallinn and a phone number where we can reach you

Bolag Estland

Tallinn World Trade Center

Ahtri 12-503

101 51 Tallinn


Airlines to Tallinn

Links to good and cheap hotel in Tallinn

Welcome to Company Estonia

Estonian Ltd company same day service. Also for you that have a bad credit

history and in contrast to English companies the tax is low in Estonia and

also low book-keeping cost . Paid in share capital is also included in the

company you buy from us.

Company taxes is 0% when the profit stays in the company and only 21% on dividend.

Estonian company is perfect for you that are dealing with Constructions,

renting out personnel, importing, mail-order, stock deals, property rights,

patent rights and Internet business

Even for you that want to let the capital grow in your company without being

taxed every year.

Estonian company is not regarded as tax-heaven by other EU-states.

It can do business and own property in all of EU

You can choose your own company name that will suit your business

We will be at your service even after the buying of the company.

We understand your needs.

English, German, Italian, Finnish and Russian speaking staff

Discreet handling of your needs which means that we always adjust to the

clients need and wishes.

We offer to our client full Internet banking with VISA and MasterCard

together with the company.

We can also arrange for you to be legal residence in Estonia, with both

Social security number and ID-card. Only 500 EURO for EU resident and 3 500 EURO for citizen outside EU.

We also offer consulting service regarding business establishment, market research and board control in all of the Baltic states. Contact us and let us show how we can help you improve your business.

Do not look for bargins


We are not the cheapest company consultant. But with us you pay a package price that is includet all the extras that other firms charge extra for. So in the end you might end up making more job yourself and pay more with the low price company seller 


We can also offer Bulgarian companies. Fast handling, low tax, and bank account.

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The package price include all this

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